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Little Banzai Splash Slide

buy little banzai splash slide from AmazonIf you are looking for a budget friendly mini slide from Banzai for the younger members of your family then you might want to consider the Little Banzai Splash Slide.

While it normally retails for around $25, you can often find deals on this for under $10 which makes it a very inexpensive water slide for your toddlers for the summer months.

You attach a hose to the side of the slide and it will spray water at the top. Your child then climbs up the mini ladder at the back, through the water spray and down the slide.

Little Banzai Splash Slide Review

This is a great little slide for toddlers, but because of it's size, older children might get bored of this quickly. We believe it's best suited for children aged 12 months (as long as they are walking already) to about 2 1/2 years.

You will still need to supervise young children on this though for water safety.

Place it on a flat surface, preferably somewhere in the garden that you won't mind getting wet, because the water spray and water will make the ground quite wet. (Keep moving it around to the dry grass areas of your yard for fuss-free watering at the same time).

Because it is only small, it stores away easily. Just dry it off and store it in something that breathes like a cotton or canvas bag.

It's also great to travel with if you plan on taking it on your summer vacation as well.

While it's only really suited to very small children, for the price it's a great little waterslide for your toddlers. Check it out at Amazon.


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