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How To Repair Your Inflatable Water Slide

Here are the four most common problems of inflatable water slides, and how you can take care of them yourself.

1. Mold & Mildew: 

Mold and mildew can build up on your slide if it's put away damp, which is why it's important to let your slide dry fully before packing it away.

But if you do find it's getting any mildew appearing it's important to clean it as soon as possible before it starts damaging the canvas.

Step 1: Place a tarp underneath the slide to protect it from any dirt or grass and then fully inflate it.
Step 2: Use a hose to spray down the areas with mildew showing.
Step 3: Clean with a cleaner recommended for vinyl products and a soft sponge. If you don't have vinyl cleaner, then use dish soap and water. Scrub until clean.
Step 4: Rinse the cleaner off with the hose
Step 5: Spray household disinfectant to the surface paying extra attention to the areas with noticable mold or mildew. Keep the slide inflatated until it's dry before packing away. (Don't wash off the disinfectant - let it dry with the slide).

2. Tear or Puncture in the Fabric: 

Tears and punctures are probably to most common concern for inflatable slide owners and it depends on the location and size as to how difficult or easy it will be to repair.

Step 1: Locate the tear. If you don't know where it is, spray soapy water over suspected areas and look for where bubbles form.
Step 2: Dry area fully and then mark the hole by surrounding it with masking tape in the shape of a small square so that the tear is in the centre (like framing it).
Step 3: If you still have the repair kit, it should come with strong thread and a needle. Use that to sew the hole up. If you need another repair kit you can find them at most hardware or pool supply stores.
Step 4: After it has been sewn together, use the glue to place a patch over the tear. The patch should be at least half an inch bigger than the puncture was.
Step 5: Allow glue to fully dry before deflating the slide and packing away.

3. Splitting Seams: 

Unfortunately if your slide is coming apart at the seams you have the hardest type of repair to make. Most of the time this type of damage may be too extensive to fix but since these slides are expensive you probably want to give it a shot. You are going to follow the same steps as repairing a hole.

Start by sewing the seam up, be sure to go a little beyond where the split stops. After that is done you are going to cover with the patch material. Then cross your fingers and turn the blower on if the slide holds air then give yourself a pat on the back.

4. A Defective or Broken Blower: 

If the blower unit is bad unless you have experience with electrical motor repairs then you should really replace it. You can purchase replacement blowers on eBay for anywhere from $50 - $200 depending on the type and condition. You will need to match the blower size and strength to the one you have for it to function correctly.




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