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banzai drop zone water slideBanzai Double Cannon Blast Slide

** Currently Unavailable **

The Banzai Double Cannon Blast Slide is a really big inflatable water slide that will provide hours of fun this summer as the kids (and adults) slip and slide down the blast slide and shoot at each other with the two water blasting cannons.

There is one cannon at the top of the blast slide and other at the bottom so that you can blast your friends at the start and end of their slide.

Like all the Banzai water slides, the Double Cannon Blast Slide has a large splash pool at the end for a soft wet landing.

Double Cannon Blast Slide Product Features

  • Soft wall with easy climbing to get to the top
  • Giant splash pool for soft landing, or for smaller children to play in (when no one is sliding)
  • Made with Dura-Tech for maximum durability and wear and tear
  • Includes blower motor which inflates water slide within 3 minutes
  • Two water cannons - top and bottom for extra fun.

See it in action!

It's easy to inflate and provides hours of enjoyment.

Ages: 5 and up.

About the Banzai Double Cannon Blast Slide

All Banzai inflatable water slides including the Double Cannon Blast Slide inflate easily with the included airflow blower motor. You can get the water by attaching it to any garden hose.

How Much Is the Double Cannon Blast Slide by Manley?

You should find this slide retails around $500 but you can get it cheaper on places like eBay.



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