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cannonball splash waterslideBanzai Cannonball Splash Water Slide

Price Guide: $100 - $200


The Banzai Cannonball Splash Water Slide is one of the budget friendly slides which makes it perfect for your little ones and those families with small backyards.

At just 13 foot long this inflatable slide features a small sliding ramp with a splash pool at the end.

The splash pool can be used alone for younger children to play in and at 8 foot will comfortably fit two or three small children.

For kids who like a bit of adventure, the included body board makes the slide down the ramp faster for extra fun.

kids playing on the cannonball slideAbout the Cannonball Splash Water Slide

The Cannonball Splash was meant to be a less expensive version of the larger Banzai Gushing Geyser Bounce House which is now unavailable.

The slide itself is made of UV resistant material so that the sun won't damage it, even if you leave it out for long periods of time, but unlike the larger inflatable slides this is not made of the same high durable construction and can be prone to small tears with rough play.

Therefore we recommend that you don't inflate it all the way. If it's slightly underinflatated it will still hold up fine for the kids (although might sag a little for older children) but allows more 'give and take' and you'll be able to enjoy it for much longer.

Tip: If you do get a tear or hole, gaffer tape is waterproof and works well. Especially if you use some silicone adhesive underneath.

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