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banzai drop zone water slideBlast Zone Rainforest Rapids Combo Bouncer Water Park

4 star rating

The great thing about the Blast Zone inflatables is that they can be used dry as a bouncer or wet as a water park.

That gives them much more use. We love the Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Bouncer & Water Park and even though it's one of the more expensive water slides, is great if you have a big family or like entertaining.

Great for ages 3 to 12.

Price Guide: $699 - $799


About the Rainforest Rapids Bounce House & Water Park by Blast Zone

The Rainforest Rapids Amusement Park is an ultimate combo jumper!

  • The centerpiece of this party jungle is the Zulu bouncer, an 8x8 Jumping Paradise.
  • Climb the cliffs of Zulu to enter either of mega slides, and escape into the Tiki Lagoon.
  • Sprayers rain down from above both of the dual slides, creating the rapids.
  • The Rainforest Rapids can be used WET or DRY, for year-round partying.
  • Add optional party balls, and the Tiki Lagoon becomes an adventure BALL PIT, with three slides!
  • Safety netting encloses the bounce area, which is crafted of commercial materials for extra spring and durability.

Includes Inflatable, UL Blower, Carrying Case, Tubing, and Spray Nozzles.

Be forewarned! This BIG, BAD BOUNCER is HUGE! Make sure you have a nice, big lawn before challenging the trials of the Rainforest. The Rainforest incorporates a significant amount of heavy-duty commercial material and weighs approximately 100 lbs dry.

Please follow thorough drying instructions during takedown, for proper care and to avoid unnecessary water weight. Each Blast Zone inflatable includes the inflatable unit, a UL approved blower a carrying case, stakes for the blower and stakes for the bouncer.

The inflatable unit rolls up to about the size of a medium to large sleeping bag (depending on bouncer). Most of our inflatable toys ship via UPS in one box that includes everything. To set up the bouncer, just unroll it, hook the inflation tube to the blower, turn on the blower and stake it down.

The blower runs continuously while kids play, and air escapes through the seams and fabric. 

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