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banzai drop zone water slideBlast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

Price Guide: $300 - $400


Kid's bored? The Blast Zone Hydro Rush is a great value slide to keep the kids entertained over the hot summer months. All you need is a flat patch of earth (backyards are perfect for this) and you have a water park that you don't need to drive to.

It's a good sized slide for both young children and older teenagers.

The blower (included) inflates the slide within a few minutes and then you attach to an ordinary garden hose. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes for the bottom pool to fill up (depending on your water pressure).

The fabric is thick and should hold up over many summers.

About the Hydro Rush Water Park by Blast Zone

The rugged Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park is constructed according to Blast Zone’s strict quality and safety standards, using double and quadruple stitched, reinforced polyester oxford. Commercial-grade vinyl is used on the climbing and slide surfaces, adding extra strength and longer life to the unit. As with all our products, the Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park comes with Blast Zone’s industry-leading warranty and customer support.

What do I get?

The wildly fun, vibrant Hydro Rush is one of our most versatile and popular water parks. Kids love all the action, while parents love the quality, durability, and safety.

The Hydro Rush has such a variety of great features that every minute of play is exciting. A tough climbing wall stretches to the top of the slide where two overhead sprayers rain down. From here kids can zoom along the long curved slide into the splash pool, where they can fire the water canon. Add the optional play balls for even more fun. With so much going on your kids will play for hours while beating the heat. No more summer boredom.

Parents, you will love the sturdy Hydro Rush water park as much as your kids will! Why? Besides being entertained for hours, your children will burn up that extra energy in a healthy way, getting lots of exercise while they play safely. With the inside return path kids don’t need to exit the pool to get to the slide, meaning less grass and debris in the play area, making it easier to keep clean. The generously sized Hydro Rush has enough room to entertain up to 6 kids at once, with room to spare. The unit is lightweight and portable, easy to use, and durable, too.

Set-up is a snap. Unroll the water park, stake it down, and attach the UL listed blower (included) that literally inflates the water park in less than two minutes. Fasten on the sprayer system, hook up to a garden hose and you are all set for fun. Built-in flow restriction helps minimize water use.


  • Long, Curved Slide
  • Climbing Wall
  • Commercial Vinyl Impact Surfaces
  • Included Storage Case
  • Splash Area
  • Water Cannon
  • Double and Quadruple Stitching
  • Inflates in Seconds
  • Included Fan W GFCI
  • Safety Netting

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