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banzai drop zone water slideBanzai Splash Blast Lagoon

** Currently Unavailable **

The Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon is great for smaller children to play in this summer. It features a small slide with a water spray at the top and a splash pool at the bottom.

It includes the airflow blower motor and inflates really quickly at just under two minutes. Although it might take an extra fifteen minutes for the water to fill up (you can use a standard garden hose).

The manufacturer recommends ages five and up, but we feel that children as young as two will be fine on this water slide with proper adult supervision.


Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon Review

Many customers are very happy with the size and durability of this Banzai waterslide as evidenced by the 4.5 star rating on Amazon. Here are just some of the comments that they are saying:

- Excellent First Slide
- We are extremely happy with this product
- It is a perfect size for a toddler or preschooler

Kids love this waterslide as you can see from this included video (no that's not me). It shows you that it actually larger than it looks which makes it great for the price.

You will probably find this cheapest in Summer and at Christmas time. Both times when stores are competing to give you the best price.

If you have a birthday coming up, it also makes a great play time for all the kids. Usually they will play for hours on this.

Storing it away after you've finished with it is pretty easy, just make sure you've dried it completely (let the water out and let it sun/air dry).

Fold it up, then wrap it in a breathable soft cotton sheet so that it won't get damaged.

Overall we recommend the Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon waterslide.

Safety Warning: Adult Supervision Required

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