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banzai drop zone water slideBanzai Sidewinder Blast Bounce House

Price Guide: $699 - $799


The Banzai Sidewinder Blast Bounce House is the 2011 Banzai Sidewinder water slide (a new edition is released each year).

The best thing about this (and other) water slides is that they are just so much fun.

The Sidewinder Blast is great for kids aged between 2 and 16 although adults can enjoy it as well. The younger children tend to prefer the paddling pool at the bottom, but children aged four and over can easily climb the 'stairs' and slide down.

About the Blast Bounce House

Like all of the Sidewinder water slides it features a curved side which you can slide down to reach the pool at the bottom while your friends shoot you with the inbuilt water guns. With older teenagers and adults the slide can droop a little bit but with the weight sack in place it doesn't topple over.

It can be heavy to move around, but totally worth the effort. We suggest that you store it into a large plastic bucket on wheels so that you can move it around easily and it also doubles as a storage bin. Try and get something bigger than 55 gallons because it never folds down as small as when you first buy it. You can then store the blower and hoses seperately.

The slide itself takes up a lot of room so you'll need a big backyard. Find a level spot in your yard (otherwise the water tends to flow out one side if it's on an angle) and also somewhere where you can plug the blower into an outlet (unless you have an extension cord) and a water supply for filling it with water.

It's pretty easy to set up and once you have attached all the hoses and the blower it will inflate in just a few minutes.

Make sure there is still some sunlight left over when you have finished playing with it to help dry it quicker. It works best if you drain the water out but keep it inflated for an hour or two to let it dry. Then just use a towel in the places that haven't fully tried yet before you deflate and pack away.

You can often find this cheap online at places like eBay, but we recommend getting it at a reputable toy store on online so you can be sure you are not getting a defective product (you can always return it to places like Amazon, but not to eBay). Besides Amazon usually has discounts on the price anyway.

It was one of the most popular slides for 2011 along with the Banzai The Plunge slide (which is currently unavailable)

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