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banzai drop zone water slideBanzai Falls Water Slide - The Original

** Currently Unavailable **

The Banzai Falls Original Water Slide is a fantastic way to enjoy a hot summer day.

If you've been contemplating purchasing the original Banzai Falls Water Slide then now is the time to buy. It will be an immediate hit with kids big and small.

In fact you'll probably want to have a go yourself it's so much fun.

The Banzai Falls Original Water Slide was nominee for toy of the year in 2006.



Banzai Falls Water Slide Product Features

  • The Banzai Falls Water Slide can hold up to 200lbs at a time so invite the neighbourhood kids over
  • It comes with a blower motor for quick inflation
  • This is the original water slide from Banzai

About the Banzai Falls Water Slide

This is the original Banzai water slide. It's a simple water slide which kids can climb up the back and slide down the front into the pool below. There is a water spray at the top of the slide to keep it from drying out and will give the sliders a thrill as they ride down.

This slide is best for younger children aged 5 to 10 rather than teenagers who seem to play quite rough on it. The younger kids have so much fun. Also make sure it's filled with water as the kids can go quite fast down the slide and you need that extra cushioning that the water provides.

Also I suggest you get a seperate container to store it in as well, as you can never get it back into the small nylon bag it comes in. Many people use a new and clean trash can or large plastic container (the biggest you can find at the container store) to store it in.

Make sure you dry it thoroughly before storing it away to keep it in good condition.

If you use this for parties and family gatherings you'll be so glad you purchased it.

A great way to cool off this summer.

Ages: 5 and up.

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