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Our Picks for Best Inflatable Water Slide

Three extreme water activities. Leap through the tunnel and down the diving ramp right back into the splash pool. This slippery slide inflates in less than 3 minutes with the included continuous-airflow blower motor and easily attaches to any hose.

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About Banzai Water Slides

The Banzai Water Slide's represents awesome value at the moment and kids love the high water slide and racing action.

The Banzai Water Slide's can take a lot of action. They are really fast to inflate and kids can spend hours sliding and having fun. Great for large families and parties too!

The Banzai waterslides are a very economical way to have a water slide at your home (it costs just as much to hire them!) and because they are very durable and last for years you'll be able to take them to every family gathering and keep the kids (and adults) entertained all throughout summer.

Banzai Water Slide's

The Banzai Water Slide's are an affordable way to keep the kids entertained all summer long. They usually inflate easily with the included blower motor's and water is fed through the top via your garden hose.

The manufacturers claim the pressure from the blower is strong enough to maintain rigidity even if it gets damaged by small pinholes

Banzai Inflatable Water Slides

  • Safe soft-bottom landing pad ensures hours of summer time fun for boys and girls
  • This Banzai water slide includes three extreme water activites: waterslide, tunnel and splash pool

Inflatable water slides are designed for the home user. They are typically made of a tough plastic material and attach to garden hoses in order to generate their supply of water. Some slides are totally horizontal, encouraging the user to slide 'along' them, rather than 'down' them. Many of the popular slides such as the Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park are now unavailable but we will endeavour to let you know when the come back in stock.

Blast Zone Water Slides

We've also started to feature some of the great slide by Blast Zone on our website because they of good quality and represent great value for money for families.

Over the coming weeks you'll see more and more of these appear on our website for you to compare and contrast with.

Little Tikes Water Slides

We will also be including some of the best Little Tikes slides for those families with smaller children or who need a more compact slide that still has all the fun features of a full water slide.

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